Thursday, 26 February 2009


This may turn into a bit of a rant!!

BrewDog… you might get where I’m going already.

Among other drivel I have read lately I came across a piece at the Guardian online and then, rather foolishly read the comments underneath. It makes me worry (even more) about the people of this country.

For the record, my thoughts on BrewDog are all positive, I stock their beer at Beer Ventures, I drink their beer, and in the main, enjoy their beer. I like the fact that they are different and innovative, both with their beers and marketing. There are many, many, many breweries in this country doing a range of 3.8% session beer, 4.2% best bitter, 4.7% strong (!) bitter and even a heady 5% Summer Lightning golden ale copy. I have seen the list of beers at a well known south west beer festival to be held later this year. There are over 40 best bitters and in the category marked ‘speciality’ about 5 beers! I’m not going, I should, but I’m not!

There is certainly room for the likes of BrewDog, Thornbridge, Moor and Meantime to brew whatever they damn well want, and I for one will drink it. Not all of the experimental brews will be to everybody’s taste but at least there is more choice appearing. Most of the recipes are actually re-workings of ancient brews and it does no harm to look back to look forward.

The American craft brewing revolution has certainly produced beers that are not to everybody’s taste, but they have been creative in taking ideas and running with them. Brewing styles like English IPA’s and Barley wines, Scotch Ales and Belgian Trappist influences have been given that typical American treatment of being bigger, bolder and in some cases even better. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with Traditional British Real Ale, there most certainly isn’t. I adore it, love the subtleties of it, biscuit malts, balanced hops, hints of citrus, smoke, chocolate, coffee or grass, beers for the seasons… beautiful! I just believe that there is room for other ideas that think outside the box. There will always be a mainstream, but not everybody has to conform to it.

I don’t understand why there is an anti-Brewdog sentiment, if you don’t like their beers don’t drink them. If you think hops are scary and the work of the devil, drink wine. Its ok, but don’t feel the need every time you see something written about BrewDog to write about how much you don’t like hoppy beers, or strong beers, or how all beers should be the same. It’s rubbish. Bring on innovation; let’s have some fun with beer, it’s only a matter of time until we have a beer with pineapple chunks and hundreds and thousands… you heard it here first!

By the way, just to be clear on this, not everything BrewDog brews has me gushing! Trashy Blonde does nothing for me (just not my cup of tea) but the Paradox Smokehead (Imperial stout matured in Islay whisky casks) is THE finest beer I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy and if this is where innovation leads, I’m all for it.

Happy Adventuring!


  1. Well said! and bring on the beer with pineapple chunks! Short's Brewery in the US melt marshmallows into one of their beers, that's a start...

  2. BrewDog are a lot like Stone in attitude. I'm sure they'll go a long way.