Thursday, 5 March 2009

Beer & Food Matching Menu

We are hosting a Beer & Food matching dinner party for a customers 40th Birthday next weekend.

I think I have decided on the menu, but not all of the beers...

What do you think?

Fresh Oysters paired with Deus

Warm Thai Prawn Salad paired with a Belgian Wit - haven't decided which yet...

Venison loin with chocolate and Imperial Stout sauce paired with Aventinus? Porter? Kriek?

Vanilla Cheesecake topped with Strawberry Fruli Coulis paired with Paradox Speyside

Cheese & Barley Wine

I'm salivating already...


  1. Great menu! I'm hungry and thirsty now!

    The dessert sounds brilliant and the Fruli Coulis just rolls off the tongue.

    I like American-style IPAs with Thai, something like Jaipur. Or really fruit pale ales like Thornbridge Kipling or BrewDog's 77 Lager or Trashy Blonde. I don't know my Wit's so well.

    The venison is a trickier one because there's lots of possibilities. Which stout goes in the sauce? Kriek might be too much, but (here comes a crazy idea) maybe a kriek and porter/imperial stout black and tan?! Might give the sharpness you want from the kriek but the roast depth from the stout? Maybe a glass of each to compare the difference and encourage a mixing?

  2. Mark, I like your thinking, I once tried a kriek/stout mix and it was fantastic, but had forgotten all about it. I shall try and let you know.

  3. How about a Coor's Light with a lemon wedge accompanied with carne asada tacos?

  4. I mixed BrewDog Riptide and Sam Smiths Cherry. The best flavour was about 60/40 to the Riptade. I think it would work even better with a more chocolate stout, maybe Brooklyn. I will have to try it with the venison, but I think it will work. Great idea Mark.

  5. Coor... Brooklyn with sam smith's cherry?! that sounds heavenly! I've got a SS cherry that is well out of date and I'm waiting to use it for a recipe but maybe I'll try that instead. Especially with a chocolate brownie.

    Time to get mixing!

    (I never thought I'd get into the whole mixing of beers thing but it's starting to fascinate me - brewdog's hardcore ipa with their coffee stout was great! talking of the hardcore ipa, check out their blog today as the beer has just got 4x more hardcore 150IBUs!!)

  6. I couldn't resist ordering some new Harcore!
    Ordered some chaos Theory as well as haven't tried it since the experimental version came out.